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Logo for our organization Neuro Guides featuring an animated human head in rainbow colors representing neuro diversity.

The Foundation for LGFA (Life Guides for Autistics) dba NeuroGuides is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization focused on engaging, equipping, and encouraging autistic and other neurodivergent adults for success socially, occupationally, and relationally. We work one-on-one with neurodivergent individuals, families worldwide, and others to change life outcomes from negatives to positives.

For persons diagnosed as autistic (autism spectrum condition), the focus is most often on the disability, seen through the lens of a deficit model. However, autistic and other neurodivergent persons have many strengths, and we focus on discovery, engagement of the person, and their strengths for life success.

Our Mission

NeuroGuides engages, equips, and encourages autistic adults in transformational life journeys.

It is our vision to positively influence the way society sees autism and autistic persons in order to create a stronger culture where neurodiversity is celebrated in the workplace and beyond.

Virtual Meeting

Our Method

We offer free consultation services to help you overcome the challenges that are holding you back and achieve your life goals.


We work one-on-one with neurodivergent individuals, families, and others, worldwide, to provide personalized support and guidance. 


Community Involvement

Neuroguides also engages, consults, and trains corporate leadership worldwide in moving from a simple diversity model to true inclusivity, universal design approaches.


We are engaged daily in workplaces with all persons to build an understanding of true neurodiversity


Our Board


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Meet the heart and soul behind NeuroGuides, our dedicated Board of Directors, driving the mission for a neurodiverse and inclusive world.

Photo of board member Unita Cheeseman.

Board Member

Unita Cheeseman

Unita Cheeseman is an autistic adult diagnosed in her early 40’s. She has two children who are also autistic. Her desire to advocate began with her own children, and then herself. For the past decade, she has done volunteer work with families who have received new autism diagnosis. Unita is a naturopath, nutritional therapist, aromatherapist, herbalist, public speaker, educator, and holistic cancer practitioner with over a decade of holistic health experience. She holds several certifications in health and wellness, a BA in health and wellness from Ashford university, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Traditional Naturopathic Medicine through Avicenna Institute.

Photo of board member Joel Godi.

Board Member

Joel Godi

Joel Godi is a Social Psychologist with over 25 years of experience in Social Behavior, and Learning & Development. Ever since he discovered his Autism and ADHD in his mid-forties, his interests shifted to social and cultural experiences of neurodiversity. Being in the field of social psychology has better helped him understand and embrace his traits. In the last 6 years, Joel has focused on promoting a greater understanding of neurodiversity and appreciation of neurodivergences in the Indian subcontinent. He is also the Founder & President of the Association for Neurodiversity in India. He is currently focusing on developing and driving strategies for Awareness Building, Advocacy, and Professional Development in the field of Neurodiversity.

Photo of board member jackie Pilgrim.

Board Member

Jackie Pilgrim

Jackie Pilgrim is an autistic adult and founder of Autism's Love: The Pilgrimage. Her son is a young adult also diagnosed with autism. She bares a unique approach to advocacy, addressing a global array of supports needed for individuals on the autism spectrum, family members, and service providers. Jackie is a public speaker, mental health ambassador, and artist. She believes coping skills should be taught as early as possible. Empowerment comes from the ownership of one's self, space, and responsibilities. Life is multi-dimensional and should always be presented that way. Lived experience is the best form of education. "No one can tell our stories better than we can. No one can understand our plight more than we do. No one is better equipped to meet the need than we are."

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Photo of board member Jon Reily.

Board Member

Jon Reily

Jon Reily is a 25-year Commerce veteran who founded and sold two successful companies in the first dotcom boom of the 1990s. He then continued a successful career advising and guiding companies from start-ups to global brand powerhouses to design their digital futures over the last two decades Reily is a strong advocate of the importance of the experience in any digital strategy and that companies who embody this will thrive, and those who do not will not. As a result, he has been a driving force in the global commerce space for nearly a decade. A successful strategist, futurist, and forecaster of future trends, Reily is a major factor in dentsu commerce’s toolkit to help its clients on their digital journeys.

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Photo of board member Bernard Grant.

Board Member

Bernard Grant

Bernard Grant is an Autistic writer and editor who works as a life coach with Autism Personal Coach and edits short fiction at Tahoma Literary Review, while also writing content on neurodiversity, education, and DEI-related topics for various organizations. In addition to serving on the board of Neuroguides, Bernard serves as a neurodiversity advocate with Diversity with Dignity and Specialisterne, among other organizations.

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DebbieJuhlkeFEB 2024.jpg

Advisory Board Member

Debbie Bruce-Juhlke

Debbie Bruce-Juhlke is a native of Texas, born in the piney woods of East Texas – Hughes Springs, TX, and daughter of Norman and Arthur Bruce. Debbie graduated from Daingerfield High School and attended East Texas School of Nursing where she received a Degree in Nursing. Debbie practiced as a Registered Nurse for several years, but felt the need to continue giving back to the community in a more substantial way, so Debbie returned to school where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work from Central Texas College and began serving the State of Texas both as a Family Support Specialist/Social Worker and an Adult Protective Services Specialist. To Debbie, family is important and the teaching of giving back to the community is paramount; "To whom much is given much is required!" Debbie has been married to her husband, Dr. Timothy Juhlke, Ph.D. for twenty-nine years. Debbie’s children, Shay’La Harris, Arthur Bryan II and Jonathan Bryan were all raised on the premise of giving of oneself to both the community and the church. Debbie calls Round Rock, TX home, where she is actively involved in various religious, social, and civic organizations ranging from serving on the board of NeuroGuides , Texas Alliance for Life, Radiance Women Center, Round Rock Police Foundation and Heart of the Rock Civitan Club. Previously served as an Ambassador for the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce, Rites of Christian Initiation of Adults n Children Director. Debbie served as Human Resource Manager of Exfluor Research Corp for almost 20years. Debbie enjoys traveling, swimming , shopping, and spending time with her family, including her three active grandsons who are all young adults.

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Photo of board member Robert Carlson.

Advisory Board Member

Robert Carlson

Robert is an Autistic Co-founder of a stealth Autistic Start-up. His career experience has been as a Strategist & Organizational Transformation Catalyst focused on growth and expansion. He’s been a leader, executive, creative problem solver, & technologist with significant international experience in strategic planning, customer development, organizational strategy & modeling, and transformation. Also in financial modeling, operational management, marketing, competitive intelligence, partner program creation & management, and sales in commercial, government, education, non-profit, and start-up organizations. Project leadership roles in the US, China, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Scotland.

Photo of board member Hunter Hansen.

Advisory Board Member

Hunter Hansen

Hunter Hansen is an autistic content creator on YouTube and Instagram and a blogger on After discovering his autism in his late teens, Hunter tried to outgrow and suppress his autistic traits for years, until coming to terms and embracing his identity as an autistic adult. He has since turned that suppression into passion, advocating for greater understanding and appreciation of autism and autistic people. Hunter works for a major tech company as a business analyst and lives in the Denver area with his wife and three daughters.

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Wendy Katz Board

Advisory Board Member

Wendy Katz

Wendy Katz (aka AspieGurl) is a 40-something autistic blogger and self-advocate. She received her BA in Sociology from Hanover College and her MSW from George Mason University. She "brain trains" autistic, ADHD, and learning disabled children and adults at LearningRX Reston and is becoming a certified Relationship Coach through the Relationship Coaching Institute. She dreams of starting her own relationship coaching business for autistic clients and their partners. Her hobbies and passions are her husband Shawn, her family, her rabbit BlueBelle, relationship coaching, making music, and well-written sci-fi.

Photo of board member Nolan Perry.

Advisory Board Member

Nolan Perry

Nolan Perry is a young autistic web and software developer from Beaufort, SC. In addition to serving on the board of directors for Neuroguides, he is on the board for NeuroClastic as well as being their Chief Technology Officer. He also volunteers regularly around the community at local assisted living facilities. Other times you can find him in the virtual world of Second Life and OpenSimulator or off playing CS:GO.

    Photo of board member Wesley Wade.

    Advisory Board Member

    Wesley Wade

    Wesley Jackson Wade is a licensed clinical mental health counselor, a licensed clinical addictions specialist, a certified clinical mental health counselor, and a nationally certified counselor. He is the owner and operator of Forward Counseling & Consulting, a small consulting and private counseling practice in NC. Wesley holds a bachelor’s degree from NC State University, two master’s degrees from North Carolina Central University–one in clinical mental health counseling and another in career counseling– and he is currently working on a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Policy, & Human Development with a concentration in Counseling and Counselor. Wesley has 9+ years of industry experience, 7+ years of higher education experience, and enjoys teaching, writing, navigating difficult conversations, and leading large-scale complex projects. Wesley is an advocate for diversity and equity and inclusion with a passion for matters of race, gender, neurodiversity, and disability.

    Arti Amin Board Bio Photo.jpg

    Advisory Board Member

    Dr. Arti Amin

    Arti Chopra Amin was born in India and came to the United States when she was 2 years old. Her parents instilled a strong work ethic because they knew it would pay off in the land of opportunity. She grew up to become a podiatrist. She's been married to the most wonderful man on the planet, Niraj Amin. They share a beautiful son, Nishaan, and a cute fluffy dog, Venus. Her hobbies include cooking and traveling. Arti met David with Neuroguides because she was drawn to a Costco Connection magazine ad in April 2019. It was autism awareness month and she saw the article regarding Neuroguides. She immediately called and in June 2019, met with David in Austin, Texas along with Niraj and their son, Nishaan. Nishaan clicked with David and they’ve been working together since then.

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    Executive Team

    Our Executive Team

    Meet the talented team behind NeuroGuides, a leading non-profit dedicated to helping neurodiverse individuals.

    Our team members have expertise in a variety of areas, and they are all passionate about making a difference in the world.

    Photo of  Executive team member J David Hall.
    Photo of  Executive team member Samantha Craft.
    Tabitha Molett

    J. David Hall


    J. David Hall is the founder and CEO of the Foundation for Life Guides for Autistics (LGFA) / NeuroGuides, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization established in 2017. His organization provides business consultations on neurodiversity, inclusivity, and life coaching for autistic people and other neurodivergent persons worldwide. He’s Dad to three persons diagnosed on the autism spectrum (ASD) and was diagnosed himself as autistic a few years ago. His team of Neuroguides (life and job coaches) works closely with autistic and other neurodivergent individuals in helping them to succeed socially, occupationally, and relationally. A father to three autistic persons and on the autism spectrum (ASD) himself, David is passionately focused on guiding neurodivergent persons to discover their strengths and to enjoy meaningful lives. Known as a relentless optimist and encourager, David is a celebrated writer who speaks at various national events and is a sought-after DEI and neurodiversity consultant for corporations. David lives in the South Puget Sound of Washington state, where he writes, reads, cares for birds, hunts mushrooms, and rides his mountain bike. Recent events and upcoming appearances include: Different Brains, Spectrum Lights Inclusion Summit, Southwest Washington Autism Conference, Bellingham SHRM, Microsoft, Seattle Aspiring Youth/Delphi Programs/Ryther, Stanford University Neurodiversity Summit, Elijah Winfrey Show, North Carolina University, Neuroguides Parent Webinars and Podcast interviews, founding member of the Diversity with Dignity Global Roundtable, corporate leadership trainings and coaching services with several Fortune 500 companies and government agencies in neurodiversity and building true inclusive workplace cultures. Strengths Finders 2.0 Attributes: Connectedness, Developer, Empathy, Input and WOO (Winning Others Over).

    Samantha Craft  (Marcelle Ciampi)


    Samantha Craft, M.Ed. (aka Marcelle Ciampi) is a respected Autistic author and worldwide ambassador and consultant, best known for her writings found in the well-received book Everyday Aspergers. Her resources have enabled thousands of adults to receive an autism diagnosis. A former school teacher, she has been featured in various literature, including Stanford University project ND GiFTS, ICARE4 Autism,, and Autism Parenting Magazine. Considered an expert in the field of neurodiversity in the workplace, by leading thought leaders, Craft has been quoted in dozens of books and research studies. She serves as the Senior Manager of DEI at Ultranauts Inc., an engineering firm with an autism hiring initiative. A contributing author of the book Spectrum Women: Walking to the Beat of Autism, she also serves as the founder of Spectrum Suite LLC and a contributor and advisor to autism organizations and conferences around the world. Some of her works, especially The Autistic Traits List, have been translated into multiple languages and widely shared in counseling offices. Her newest book, to be released in late-2021, is Autism in a Briefcase: Straight Talk About Belonging in a Neurodiverse World. Craft is a neurovariant, diagnosed as Autistic with gifted-intellect, and is also dyslexic and dyspraxic with other coexisting conditions. She resides in the Pacific Northwest U.S.A. where she enjoys time with her three sons and life partner. Sampling of appearances: Mix 96, Different Brains, EACE Neurodiversity Conference, Washington State Employment Law & HR Conference, SW Washington Autism Conference, SHRM, Metro Library Autism Advocacy Series, Microsoft, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Seattle Aspiring Youth/Delphi Programs/Ryther, Stanford Neurodiversity Summit, Elijah Winfrey Show, BNY Mellon, E*Trade, General Assembly, Marshall University, Autism Explained Summit, North Carolina University, College Autism Summit, Lexington Board of Health & Community, AANE, AHEDD, University of New South Wales faculty, Bellevue College, Skills Empowered, Spectrumly Speaking, NFAR, Deloitte (NZ), AstraZeneca, Autism Parenting Magazine Summit, DeVry University, Linkedin Learning, Meltwater, H-E-B Food Stores, Accenture, NASPA, Sharp Health Care, PowertoFly, California State University Chico

    Tabitha Molett

    Executive Trainer

    Tabitha Molett, Ed.D., is a neurodiversity expert with over 20 years of experience in the corporate, education, and nonprofit sectors. She holds a doctorate in Education, with a focus on cognitive diversity and Twice Exceptionality. Tabitha specializes in working with professionals, students, parents, and adults who are “wired differently,” including those with labels such as gifted, profoundly gifted, ASC, dyslexia, ADHD, dysgraphia, mood disorders, anxiety, SPD, and TS. She is known for her ability to listen openly, advocate, innovate, and enact change to promote diversity, inclusion, and belonging within organizations. As the former Head of School at a private academy for gifted and twice exceptional students, Tabitha led a successful change management process and completed a significant reorganization to restore stability and realign the school’s mission and vision. In addition, she co-founded an educational company for exceptional thinkers, has presented at multiple conferences, and been a contributing member on several boards. Tabitha brings experience in the fields of neurodiversity, organizational training, leadership development, policy creation, and purpose-driven program development. She works with organizations that are interested in optimizing their employees’ productivity and establishing neurodiversity and universal design initiatives.

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